Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Visionary Bullet

Harm is not in the crosshairs but life is.
My sights are on a time and a place many may wish for but cannot see.
Shoot high, aim low.

With my heart on my sleave and holding on to everything I loved when I was young, I climb into the barrel and bathe in the cylindrical blue light.
It swirls around as I turn my site toward my goal.

Is this not a big war worth fighting I ask myself, stepping into the ranks of those soon to be moving unison on the front lines against Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.
Yes it is.
Am I here to take prisoners?
No I'm here to do everything in my power to set them free.

Thank God for the renegades with eyes big enough to see the goal from a global perspective, and kid gloves enough to hold hands with those who need holding.
Thank God as well for those willing to stand out on the line and do a little more.

My weathered veins feel old, but strong enough to pump nitro into the engines of this big machine. Tired but still moving. It feels as though I first set eyes on this world a thousand years ago, and lived ten lives all trying to get something right. There must be some score to settle in this spirit, and I'm chasing a ghost through time, going down on one battle field only to be born to try again.
I feel that success and then rest is at hand.

This may not be Concord but the shot will still in fact be heard around the world.
Let those visionary bullets shot from arms in all nations find their target.
Together as one.
Let the giants fall. They have already taken too many with them.

Let's give all that we have as if there were one chance to get it right and the only time was now.
I was born, I live and I'm here to end this.
30 million lives in the new generation should never know the words Alzheimer's or Parkinson's.
The battle should not be theirs…it is ours.

World up,

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