Wednesday, February 20, 2008


So, i'm currently in Puerto Natales after 4 days hiking in Torres del Paine, I had a great time. The views and the vistas amazing, the weather very very changable, one moment the sun is shining, the next moment the rain is falling. I experienced some of the strongest winds I ever have, at one point we were sitting by the lake and we got soaked from a gush we saw coming in, another we were hiking obove a cliff and had to sit down to stop us getting blow right off. I suppose its normal given the location, close to the Pacific and not that far from the Atlantic and Antarctica! Its pretty hard to know what to wear, but you get used to being too hot one moment and too cold the next. Some of the camp-grounds are amazing, you literally wake up with the Torres just in front of you.

We saw some very cool stuff; a glacier the size of Litchenstien (according to a guy from there travelling with me that day), mini twisters on the lake itself (honestly), free-roaming horses, and of course the torres, three massive granite summits that can be climbed in 12 hours, and then can be descended in 12 hours. I hiked with some very nice people from all nations, Argentines, Russians, English, Americans, Australians. For me the biggest problem, is the number of tourists, and the prices, but then this is the price you pay for such views, I hope to head off to a location a little less touristy soon.

Si, i´ve seen what is going to be the biggest problem in travelling for 6 months before Mount Hood in July - keeping injury free. Already my knee is a little painful, I guess i´ll just have to make sure i´m careful, and don´t push myself too hard. One of my goals with this trip is to arrive in tip-top condition so that I can help the team push for the summit and do my bit in our battle against Parkinsons and Alzheimers!

Anyway, will blog again soon,


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Brett you're the man!
You can be our eyes to the lands at the bottom of the world.