Friday, February 8, 2008



It is a state of being, and it’s how I feel sometimes.
I feel like a blind man wandering the streets of a city where I’ve never been. Yet I am looking for something. Feeling and fumbling my way, and finding a good foot hold on occasion, but more often than not falling on my face then getting up to try again.

I have bestowed upon myself an epic the likes of which have not been seen in a charity / fund raising event. I have not asked for this, and I would stop in a heart beat given the promise of two cures, but with that being said I will continue on and beyond this epic if circumstances call upon me to do so.

10 Mountains – 10 Years (A quest for the Cure) is what I have named the challenge before my team and I. Together there is a way to find the cures for Alzheimer’s disease & Parkinson’s disease. Somewhere out there bathed in fluorescent light is a scientist climbing his own mountains of research on route to the same summit we both call a cure.

It sounds simple enough doesn’t it? Climb mountains, raise awareness, raise funds for research and conquer these giant diseases. But, I find myself asking the same initial question over and again. In the case of “the Regulars” I wonder where’s our instruction book? How do we orchestrate the entire world of issues needed to be successful? The reality is that there are more questions than soldiers in the conquerors army.

What am I up against? What do I need to know and how will I learn it? What mistakes will I make? How will this evolve over time? Who is with me and who is not? Will I even make it? How will my own life changes affect my ability to carry on with all this? Will anything I do help the cause to find these cures? Will anything I do help to save my mother from Alzheimer’s and my Father-in-Law from Parkinson’s? Will I doubt myself? Am I doubting myself now?

I’m sure the same questions haunt my team mates as well. I hope they take the same time and effort to write in this blog their own daily experiences riding the roller coaster of emotions through life on this journey….this quest for a cure.

Let us write the book together along the way.

World up,

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