Sunday, February 24, 2008

Csaba - the 24 hour mountainbike champion

It's high time I write you, so, here is my "winter story".

Well, it all started, when it was about time to finish my mastercourse, as an architect - my life suddenly became overloaded, and I just couldn't create the balance I always could. Besides the university, this riding thing actually started to work.

After becoming the 24-hour mountainbike champion with my team mate (in the duo category) in september, serious teams became quite interested in me - so, i switched my team (the old one was not working at all, so I had really no motivation to remain there) to GSK, (which originates from my highschool town; as a sidenote).

So, I got a new bike, a road "speeder" for my winter training period, "handcrafted in Italy", just for me. ;-)

She is the one:

Of course, the feeling of such high expectations also pressed me harder to do my daily trainings with more vigor - be it snow, ice, wind...who cares? But things worked out differently - after one training, I snapped the side ligament in my right knee - an injury that got me bedbound for 3 weeks.

As it actually happened, when I was trying to enter our front gate (on foot!), and I slipped on the ice, it is kind of ironic, that all my trainings were suddenly put to stake, because of such a stupid accident. Fortunately I healed up pretty quickly, and - besides - I have also graduated the mastercourse (~PHD or ~DLA) so I have became (or should became in weeks) a "lead architect".

Riding is ok now, as winter suddenly came to a halt here - today it was 16 C degrees with sunshine (normally it's April weather...).

I had to miss the winter mountaineering course with Adrienn, bacause of the inability of my boss (a dork...) to cope with "unexpected" holydays. But asking for a mere week 2 months in advance? ass. :-) Maybe next time.

I have got to go now, I am quite tired, and still need to fix my of yet, it's nothing more than a pile of parts and bolts. :-)

"the Regulars"
A Trail Called Hope - I - Mont Blanc - 2006

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