Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Doctors Say What?

My attempt at a video blog.


The Regulars said...

This was awesome. I should take a shot at this too.....NOT!!! I'm too embarrassed. I am the pray-er so I will pray for your knee to get stronger. Keep cycling and stretching and do some weight training with that leg. I will ask my trainer for some exercises for you. Have you seen an Orthopeedic Dr? Anyway.....enjoyed this.

Peace my fellow climber,
Eileen (Strong Feather)

The Regulars said...

You can push through it.
Pain ain't got nothin' on you.

With your shield...or on it.
The choice is yours.

World up,

Cy said...

Matt! great video blog! that's a great idea. Loved that background music too...who was that? Looking forward to climbing (and bouldering) with you man.


p.s. a bat is definitely cooler than a cane anyway haha