Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Well guys, this is Matt. It took me awhile to post anything because honestly, I hate writing. But I finally sucked it up and decided to post something.

Recently I’ve had a real life change. Nothing is like it used to be. But it’s for the best. Part of this change is because of my faith. Part of this is because of events that have happened to me during the past few years. And another part of this is because of Enzo.

Enzo showed me that there is a fight out there. A fight bigger than any one of us. I met E on myspace a few years ago. See I believe that everything happens for a reason. Just the fact that we met on myspace of all places strengthens that belief. Why did he add me? Why did I add him? I usually delete anyone who isn’t a friend of mine in real life. I could have simply hit “DENY” and my life would be completely different from what it is now. It’s a trip just thinking’ about it.

I soon started talking to E and learning more about Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. My God, I had no idea that these diseases affected so many millions. Then I realized that I could do something with my life that truly meant something. I mean, I won’t lie to ya, I’m lazy. I’m really lazy. But to be apart of this is an honor. To be on a team with such inspiring people willing to fight so hard. I tell you this right now; there is nothing “regular” about these people. This team, “The Regulars” is what separates everyday people from great people. Peter Parker is a “regular” guy in the day, but once trouble strikes he puts on his mask and becomes Spider-Man, a hero. That’s the kind of people this team is made of. People willing to sacrifice for others. I see people like Enzo who has put this whole quest together while taking care of family, building a house, and going to school. Then there’s Eileen. She takes care of three boys! I barely finished my teenage life so I know how much trouble us guys can be. Props to ya Eileen. These "regular" people inspire me so much.

Thankfully I do not have any family or friends who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. But I hope that by my being on the team people can see that you don’t have to be directly affected to stand up and make a difference. E once said that our children should never have to grow up knowing the words “Alzheimer’s” or “Parkinson’s”. This is my goal. This is our goal. If you’re reading this then I hope it’s you’re goal as well.


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The Regulars said...


Really great post! The river was flowing right from the source on that one.
The difference between the way you hate to write like I hate math is that you might not like it but you're good at it.
I might not like math....and I'm still bad at it.

Keep writing and letting people konw what you see, feel & experience because you can never know who might come up to you years from now and say...I read something from you a long time ago, and it was because of something you wrote that I am what I am today.

Shine on my man.

Shine on.

World up,