Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mont Blanc Correction from Tomb Raider

Hi there!

Thanks for your congratulating notes :o)
I have to correct myself, because in the first account I gave of our ascent I mistakenly wrote we started at 8:30am on summit day and were back in the Gouter hut at 12:20 - so, for the record: really we reached the summit at 12:20 and got back to the hut 2 hrs later at around 2:30pm. (Making it in 4 hrs would have been waaay too quick!)

I finally uploaded this year's MB pics onto my computer; here are the best!
Do you recognize the odd one out? (That's my ex on his motorcycle tour - in Italy perhaps - w/friends; but it's the t-shirt that's important!)

I don't know you guys had a similar experience, but for me stepping out of the woods back into civilization at 10pm after descending from MB was just so weird. Up there everything felt relevant and simple and obvious. Chamonix was interesting and colorful, but different already and especially back in Budapest I felt out of place... Nature's fantastic. I seriously considered canceling my new teaching position even in the very last moment in favor of a life devoted to the outdoors, and was checking airfares online a minute before I left home for my first teachers' meeting :o)

But of course I didn't say no to teaching at the high school so now I'm up for a new adventure in the next 10 months. If you don't hear from me it's because I'm caught up in a high school's life!



Tammy said...

Really great pictures, and congrats on the new job. I must say you have your plate full and I hope you enjoy the challenge getting back into the highschool thing. You have to keep us all updated.

Victoria said...

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