Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Brewster Girls Soccer Tournament - 2008 Street Team

Hey guys,

Eric is up to tournament number 2 this year.

Eric is from "A Trail Called Hope - III - Mount Hood. He also went and climbed Kilimanjaro about two weeks after returning from Mount Hood this year, and brought back a bunch of information and personal experience to help the team with this years coming climb.

The Brewster Girls Soccer Team will be helping "the Regulars" to kick Alzheimer's and Parkinson's by raising awareness at the tournament which Eric has designed for 2008. This is a perfect example of being creative in the ways you can help to raise awareness for Alzheimer's & Parkinson's as well as fund for research. If anyone is in the neighborhood stop by and meet up with Eric (Gladiator) and say hi to the girls.

In the attached flyer you'll notice Eric had the girls sign a Team Fox banner then he took it to Mount Hood and Kilimanjaro (where he photographed it again).

World up,



Tammy said...
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Tammy said...

That's really cool that a young soccer team is making aware of what The Regulars are planning. It's nice to know that young people are involved in making people aware of Alzheimers & Parkinsons and helping out :D.

Victoria said...

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