Wednesday, November 5, 2008

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I am very proud of my son Miguel, 70, who has played a phenomenal season with the Nottingham Northstars. It ain't over yet. As of Monday, when we defeated Ewing, 20-14, we are in the State Playoffs. To be announced.......

Sadly on Friday night one of the players on the team, lost his 15 year old sister due to natural causes. She collapsed while Trick or Treating. I must give kudos to the Ewing team for allowing the Northstars to postpone the game that was originally scheduled on Saturday so as to gather the team together at the High School and and help them deal with there grief for there fellow teammate. It is true sportmanship when this occurs. As a result, on Monday night, the young girls brother scored one of the touchdowns which led the team to there victory. As the paper quoted him saying "I just wanted to let her know that I love her" as he reached the end zone, paused for a second, looked into the night sky and pointed both hands into the air. Truely a moment.

My son is breaking records. On the field, in the weight room, he is a force to be dealt with. I have never been prouder of him as I am right now.

This is dedicated to you, my son, because I have always, and will always, believe in you.

Miguel Colon #70 - Defensive Lineman Captain
Honored as Player of the Week this season


Strong Feather - Eileen


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