Saturday, January 3, 2009


Somewhere along the way friendships are formed. The initial meet and greet was very exciting. "Hi, how are you?" "It's so great to finally meet you". An then conversation begins. And friendships grow. Friendships that will never be broken, or tested, or disrespected. The mind sets and the passions that we all share are unified. The age differences range from 12 to 50 years old. It doesn't matter. There is no gap here. We are all on the same page. When we throw on our packs and acclimate ourselves, we are all one.

Knowing when to encourage. Knowing when to stop. Knowing when to let one another go ahead. We all come from different backgrounds. We all have different life experiences. Some of us are from another part of the world. But there is nothing as surreal as putting this group of "friends" together for a common cause, and seeing the camaraderie evolve. There is goodness here; kindness and love. There is a bond between us. I feel it. The person in front of me feels it, and the one in front of them. The feeling of trust amongst one another is prevalent.Whenever we stop to breathe and help one another adjust our packs. Or grab there water for them because it's just easier to reach into there pack rather then have them take the whole pack off. It doesn't matter who, you just lean down and help with there crampons so they are on right. You adjust there goggles, brush snow or dirt off of there boot. You don't discriminate. This is unconditional love at it's finest. Who cares what you look like after days of having a hat press your hair down.

The look in the eyes of one of your friends when you get a chance to sit by the camp and sip tea or water or eat dehydrated food (ok, personally I don't like this). There eyes are the windows to there souls. A beautiful quote and so true in this case. You don't look passed this. When you peer into your teammates eyes and talk about what you are doing and why you are doing it, makes every step you are taking towards the common goal all more worth it. The conversations range from non-sensical to how do you save one's life. You laugh so hard that your side hurts and you cry when you think of all the one's you've lost and all the ones still affected. And it is never judged why or when this may occur.

Lack of sleep, exhaustion from climbing, frustration from not being able to pull more out of yourself wrecks havoc on your mind and your body. But somehow you look over and there is someone reaching for your hand and helping you back up. They are encouraging you to keep moving. They let you set the pace. You lead the group, slowly, but with peace of mind, because you know the ones behind you are all alright with it.

This isn't a race to the top. This is a race for a beginning. A beginning to bring a group of altruistic individuals together to raise money, to draw awareness. Always with each others safety in mind. We hold deep the stories we share, the passion we share, and of course, the friendships we share. Nobody can give this to you. You have to want it, to own it. It flows in all of us.

Think about it for a day. Think about it for a week. This is how things get done. This is how things happen. Just a simple meet and greet to strapping on a pack and becoming part of the team. Or you can just advocate, raise money and become part of the dream. Just as rewarding if the physical challenge of climbing is too much for you.If you become part of this project in any capacity, the hope of cures being found and money to help fund projects, becomes more of a reality. Think of those you love and how you inspire them. They too will join forces to help. If we all come together it can be done. Believe in the cause and then become part of the cause. "Together is One"

World Up!

Save the date: March 7th, 2009
Ain't No Mountain High Enough
Fundraiser for The Regulars
Hamilton, NJ
More info to follow.......


Sherri said...

I love this post Eileen. Thanks for all you guys selflessly do.

Victoria said...

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