Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tomb Raider on Mont Blanc

Ciao guys,

Just to let you all know…our team mate Tomb Raider was on Mont Blanc this morning.
I got a message on my answering machine which I didn’t check until later, but when I did it was such a surprise.

It was all chopped up sounding with wind blowing in the background, and a really breathy panting voice saying – “Hey Enzo, this is Tomb Raiser guess where I’m calling you from. I’m at the white lady today. Can you hear me???? This is Tomb Raider calling from the top of Mont Blanc!”

How fantastic is that????????!! !!!!!!!
I don’t know who she was climbing with…maybe Brett was with her, because I know he went to visit her in Hungary the other week. I’m sure she (or he) will fill us all in when she gets home to Budapest.

The most amazing thing about this is persistence.
When we were all there as a team to climb Mont Blanc she was the only one who never made it out of the valley onto the mountain because she hurt her back on the way in. In actuality no one made it to the summit that year at all. At the time she also had a load of rock climbing experience but no mountaineering real experience. This past winter she stepped up her game and learned as much about mountaineering as possible, and this morning she is now the first person on our team to climb to the top of Mont Blanc!

It reminds me in a way of Eric and his trip to Kilimanjaro a few weeks ago. If he was feeling anything like me (flying home from Mount Hood) he was probably a little down over not personally making it to the top of Mount Hood in July. It’s really such a bad feeling. It’s like having a stone in the pit of your stomach because you had just invested so much time, money and effort to go to this place and climb it only to held off for reasons which are in many cases beyond your control. But getting back to Eric he went on to Africa to climb Kilimanjaro. He pushed his way through the altitude, through feeling sick along the way and on to the summit of Kilimanjaro – the highest mountain in continental Africa. The photo he had taken on the summit showed a small yellow flag just to the right of his knee which read…Persist.

That basically sums it all up for us.
It sums it all up for research and science too.
It’s the backbone of why our project is20the epic it is.

We (the Regulars) will all persist in our efforts to reach our goals, to reach these summits, to raise awareness and to raise the funds the world needs for research. All because we believe that we will in some large or small way play a part in conquering Alzheimer’s Disease & Parkinson’s Disease.

With that being said……….Hell yeah! Great job Eric!
Great job Adrienn (AKA Tomb Raider) and Brett too if you were there!

World up,

PS – Sorry Adrienn, I was kicking myself in the ass for not being awake to get the call!

PPS – I went to Tomb Raiders myspace page this morning after I got the call and saw she posted a video from a band called Sigur Ros. They are from Iceland so you won’t understand what they’re saying….but you can read into it any way you like. Some of you might remember this band from the Regulars (Ecuador) video I made. The song on the video she had posted is different but I want you to check it out.
In the typical very deep and emotional sounding style they play the music really pulls your heart strings and will make you just as happy as you can be sad in watching the video.
What I liked the most about the video on Adrienn’s page was this thought… It reminded me of a very young team of us (the Regulars) as kids. The world stretched out before us and we’re marching around, dreaming big, climbing our mountains and then in the end learning that if you just “believe” in yourselves, then anything is possible.

It was deep.
I was moved.

You can see the video on her myspace page or click this link:

Another one up!

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