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The Different Ones - All Roads Lead To A Cure

Different Ones - All Roads Lead To A CureShare
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My plan: Write this book

The title: The Different Ones - All Roads Lead To A Cure

Dedicated to: My father-in-law, Fernando Colon, who lost his battle to Alzheimer's Disease and those who are fighting these battles and those who love and care for them

2nd. Dedication to: My Mom - "All I Am Or Hope To Be I Owe To My Angel Mother"

My Goal: To summit one day

All proceeds will go to The Alzheimer's Association and the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Disease

My request: To not be forgotten


"Together Is One"

How does one decide at 50 years of age to climb a mountain? Why, with absolutely no experience, would I decide this? What roads led me to this decision? What influenced me along the way? Some say my decision was thoughtless. Meaning, I have young children and am putting my life at risk and maybe leaving them motherless. Or, it's my age and I'm just going through a mid-life crisis. That was one of the most over used statements I ever heard. It was even getting old. But none of the above were correct. All roads led me to my decision. I followed this path all my life. Searching for meaning and purpose. Wanting to full fill a need in side to make a difference. Always grabbing at straws and hoping somehow, someone would find me and place me with them in the same capacity as how I was feeling. I never thought it would come in the form of climbing mountains but it did. The plan behind all this is compelling. The man behind the plan is inspiring. His reasons, his vision. It drew me in and I wanted to become part of it. It wasn't a decision I made right away. I knew I could be part of this team no matter what. But to full fill the Trail Called Hope dream meant for me to step outside my comfort zone and just do it. It hit me one day that I wanted this. Even with my own physical limitations I knew I could at least train and try for this. I could never convince you to do this. It is a personal choice. One that comes from deep within. Especially if you never did anything like this before. It's a mind set, a huge goal, and a challenge. I went for it and said yes and thus began my journey.

For one year I placed myself in the boots of a climber and the mind of an adventurer. But my heart was always with the why of the journey. The 10 mountains 10 year project is about drawing awareness and raising funds for Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. Both of which have affected my family and my friends. The caregiver in me has become the advocate. The advocate has become altruistic. The desire grows each passing day upon each waking moment. The training becomes intense and the body hurts. But you persist no matter how you feel. My children come into play. They see how hard I am working and I tell them to understand more why I am doing this. To look at me and be proud of me. To support me so I can secure a better future for them free from diseases. To help in this search for cures and be able to say I played a part in it has become my reality and my goal in life. My commitment to everyone I've befriended along the way as well as those already in my life.

I have always believed your destiny eventually finds you. God has already mapped out mine. The strength that grows each day, which I believe with all of my heart comes from my mother, are my reasons for continuing on. It doesn't stop after one mountain. It pushes you to the next one. You remain on the same roads that led you here. You grow closer inside to the reasons you are doing this. Before you know it you are the reason. You begin to convince others of the intensity and probabilities of this project. You see it is not all about the mountain. You draw people in not only with your voice but with your desire to create a better way. A better way for there children, there grandchildren, themselves, there parents.

I have a voice. A voice that I want heard. Whether it be in the form of a short speech, an interview, a newspaper article, a book; I am ready to be heard. I am ready……….

Once again my training will begin. My mindset will shift. My children will come into play. My life will be forever changed.
My story continues. Or should I say another chapter will be written. I cannot predict the future. I cannot say if I will ever summit a mountain. But the one thing I believe more than anything is that cures will be found. The more voices that are heard and the more that climb on board in some capacity, brings us that much closer to what we all want. And that is cures.

I believe in Enzo's project. I believe in Enzo and our team. I believe in "Together is One". There isn't anything in this life that isn't achievable. Strength within pulls you up and makes things happen. Focusing on your strength is important, even on days when you feel you have none. Being there for someone that needs you more then your own needs. Placing yourself behind them so you can catch them if they fall. It's all about the abundance of love in your heart. It can be your reason. Whatever you decide, always be mindful of those around you. There are chances they could become affected somehow by a disease. Remember your reasons. Always keep moving forward with the plan. Never loose sight of doing something good. It is what will make the difference in someone's life.

We can all make a difference and shout from a mountain top, up at a podium, out a window. I write because I am inspired. Inspired by the many out there who struggle with these diseases. The many who care for them. I hope you read this and become inspired too.

Like Enzo says, "There should be no stone left unturned". Help those who cannot help themselves. Bring hope to those who feel all hope is lost. One voice, a thousand voices. Make it happen.

Strong Feather aka Eileen

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