Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Trail Called Hope - III - Enzo's video clips

Hey guys, How long has it really been since you've heard from me, I mean really? A long time huh? There's no one more sorry then me. But, guess what? I'm pulling the wings up again. I know a lot of you have been asking for a Mount Hood update, which Eileen has probably filled you in on. I'm sure she has some good stuff for you in her blogs. For now, I have a new video for you, which I shot on my home camera. Mostly footage and photos from "the Regulars" A Trail Called Hope - III - Mount Hood (July 2008). I also have a few photos taken at the Parkinson's Unity Walk - NYC 2008. I've set it to a song called "Storm" from Lifehouse. I hope you like it. Just in case you can't see the video here in the blog you can also find it and others on my YouTube page. Here is the link: A quick summary for you is...the Regulars have officially checked off another mountain as a success!!!!!!!! For me though, personally the entire time spent out in Portland was not physically hard, but rather an emotional and mental battle. There was dark weather, lightning, thunder, and high winds. There was pleanty internal termoil and drama, which is not may favorite thing to deal with. There was this side, and there was that side, and I'm learning that controlling a team is not always easy. Also, my brother Dan and nephew Tyler (who had made this their first mountain climb) had to leave early, because there was a medical emergency in the family back in New York. Ultimately that emergency lead to a relative passing away. So much went wrong that sometimes it hurts just to look back at it. But, it was just that which has helped me begin to pull my wings back up a few days ago. Although I had been avoiding it, I finally picked up my camera and started looking through the video clips, and there was so much sparkle and life inbetween all the heavy moments that I missed while I was out there. So, now has begun a time to reflect on all the mis-steps and all the giant leaps we made on Mount Hood. Now I can start to learn from it all. Now I can move ahead with my team with all engines at full throttle heading for Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa) in 2009. To my team...well done! To all of you who have made donations toward research through our donation links for the Alzheimer's Association & the Michael J. Fox Foundation - Team Fox pages...I am honored to have had your support. For all those who have never made a donation, it's not too late. Remember that funding is the life blood of all research. Nothing can be done without it. To Kilimanjaro, we've got our eyes set on you. The clock is ticking and we're on our way. Another one down...World up! Enzo

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