Thursday, June 5, 2008


Hey E Luv,

Here's a little collection of some recent shots of me on real rock. One set is from Tardos in Hungary (a small crag w/short sport routes), the other from my beloved Höllental (=Valley of Hell in German) in Austria, bw RAX and Schneeberg mountains, in the Grossofen region of the valley. It was a nice 9 or 10 pitch 330m route called Himmelsleiter (Stairway/Ladder to Heaven in German) tackled in threesome; funny names, huh? From hell all the way to heaven? :o)

No chance to get back to you guys on the new webpage: I was offline at the beginning of the week and had food poisoning (my vague idea is that the milk I drank on Monday night was to blame). Is it possible to send things after it's been launched? I know I still owe you that story from my winter course, for example, if that's the kind of thing you had in mind. Or I'll only post it on blogpost.

Are you getting crazy w/all the arrangement for the Mt. Hood climb? I so keep my fingers crossed for you guys! It's but a few weeks away! I'm excited for you :o)


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