Monday, May 12, 2008

The Long and Winding Road

The Long and Winding, not Paul McCartney at his finest

Just what lies ahead of me.
Not so much in my life but what I have left to do to prepare for my climb.
I loaded up my backpack and hit some trails yesterday. There were some inclines for me to go up and down. There was adjustments I had to make on my backpack to make it comfortable. There were water breaks and wiping sweat from my forehead times. There were even feelings of doubt racing throuigh my mind. But I had to stop and remind myself of how far I have come.

Just one year ago I could never have strapped that backpack on and even attempted this. So fast forward and there I was doing it.

My training is good. I train everyday. I rarely take a break. Guilt kills me, so in order not to feel that emotion I have chosen to train everyday. Maybe not everybody would have to do this but I have chosen to take this endeavor on as such because of my age and my limitations. Although I feel in very good shape and condition, I never put my guard down and expect to just do this without proper training. It has been a challenge but a challenge that has changed me and shaped me into a better person. If I could recommend anything in life to anyone it would have to be to exercise. It clears your head, it increases your stamina. In my case it has given me MUSCLES. Damn, the arms are bulging and the legs are tight. Still got that bubble butt though. Hey, can't have everything.

I kid around alot about the shape my body has taken on but in all honesty strength is the important thing here right now. I work constantly on my abs and lower back because of the load I will be carrying. I work till my legs feel like there going to fall off my body because of the unknown of climbing. I strengthen my arms with weights and machines with weights in order to accomplish everything on my own.

I have a great team. And I know they will all support me and help me if I falter on my way up. "And do you feel scared, I do, but I won't stop and falter" "Things can only get better" (Howard Jones)

So I am getting close to leaving for Oregon. I am anxious and excited. I'm asking for your prayers. No matter what happens "It's all Good"!!!!!! I leave June 30th. We begin to climb on July 2nd and will be reaching the summit on July 4th. When I reach the top I will reflect on all of my reasons and for all of the people I am there for. I will reach into the skies like I have said so many times before, to touch my angel mother and also to pray that God sees what we are doing and answers our prayers of finding these cures. I will have you all close to me and will remember every last one of you when I am there.

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World Up,
Strong Feather


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