Tuesday, June 10, 2008


20 more days to.........

Kick it up another notch in training

Train at Black Belt Camp this weekend

Pull all my gear together

Check my checklist.....again

Put my ticket itinerary with my luggage

Contact Jen about the time she is arriving in Portland

Get my hair cut one more time

Call Enzo....again (sorry E, you know I will)

Talk to my family and friends before I leave

Print my Blog with all the well wishes


Invest in some quiet time.....to reflect on this wonderful experience I have been handed
and all of the wonderful people I have met and am proud to call friends. Dear friends who I love. Who I will keep with me, very close, as I climb.

Get down on my knees with my boys before I leave and say a prayer that what I am about to embark on will make a difference. That I do this for them so in there lifetime they will not have to worry about these diseases.

And if you are reading this.........I pray too that these diseases will be cured. That I will have you all in my life forever. I do this for all of you. I will climb with my team but it is you I carry in my heart.

A Trail Called Hope III
July 2,3,4
Another one Down
World Up

Strong Feather

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