Monday, June 9, 2008

Thank You.

Hey guys Matt here, I know it’s been awhile. First off I just want to thank anyone who stopped by on First Friday to visit my setup and hear me talk about The Regulars. The night was not that bad. Not as many people as I had hoped for, but those who did show up were generally interested. Out of everyone who showed up I think I talked to each of them for several minutes. The tough part about this is that you never know if anyone you talk too actually makes donations. The only way you can tell is by watching the funding pages…and they don’t look like they’re moving that much. However I did meet a lady who was very adament on donating, so told me about her son’s band who might be interested in helping out on the movie.
On another note, the best part about preparing for a big trip like this is all the shopping! I swear I feel like a girl. Every other day some new piece of gear comes in the mail for me. It’s like Christmas everyday! I’m almost good to go gear-wise.
On even another note, a good friend of mine Ned helped me out on Friday talking to people and just getting people interested in the team. He’s really interested in helping us out next year. I’ve known him for five years and he has some truly amazing stories. He’s from Bolivia and he’s done some missionary work down in Voodoo country Africa. He says he would like to visit Argentina next summer. Even though it’s a long way away just tell him what’s up.
So I was on the phone with Enzo this morning. He brought up the fact that it’s already been almost three years since I met him on myspace. So much has changed in that time. I’ve moved back home from New York. I’ve injured my knee twice. I’ve lost my Grandfather. I’ve become an acting major. I’ve worked with a Private Investigator, at a bookstore and with children with special needs. And I’ve finally found my faith. Now it’s finally time that I join The Regulars above the clouds. Three years later I’ll be on Mt. Hood with Enzo and the rest of the team.
I’ve never really spoken about this but after I came home from New York I had some real problems. My life was great in NY, and then I moved back in with my parents, lost a lot of freedom. After going to art school, community college really sucks. My faith back then wasn’t really strong at all. I gained twenty pounds, and for a college kid with no girlfriend that is never a good thing. I felt like my life was not going well. I found my self really depressed. Angry at the world. Angry at God. But mostly angry with myself for coming home and not knowing why. Then my grandfather got sick. Really sick. All faith was shattered. I knew I had to come home for some reason but I could never figure out why. Then my grandfather died. My whole family felt it. I felt it extra strong because I was trying to stay strong for my family. I didn’t even cry until five months later. But the things my family experienced was unbelievable. Straight out of Touched By Angel or something. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Sometimes I find it hard to believe. But through my grandfathers final days my strength and love and faith in God was restored. I prayed for a way to set me back on my path, to help me realize why I had come home. Three days later Enzo asked me to join the team on Mt. Hood.
Ever since then everything has become better than ever before. My life has become a conduit for others to find their way through the darkness. You have no idea how many people have thanked me because I tell them my story and my experiences. That is the greatest gift one can ever receive. To know that your life is worth something to others. Now that I have devoted myself to things far greater than myself I have been blessed with so much. Here I am. 21 days away from my trip to Mt. Hood. Everything is falling into place. Thank you guys. Thank you team. Thank you Enzo. Thank you Grandpa. Thank you God. I know that I can do better and I promise that I will.


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