Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The gloves are off....Focused, Strong, Ready!

The gloves are off....Focused, Strong, Ready!

This is it. My last Blog until I return from the mountain.

I have spent the better of one year preparing my mind and my body for this endeavor I am about to undertake. But I feel I have waited a lifetime for my chance to make a difference, to make a statement, to stand up for what I believe in. One year of my life that I will never forget. All of the friendships I have made along the way. Here on Myspace, out in my life, because of the person I have become. For those who do not know me personally, I am very shy, quiet and humble. I have broken out of my shell and have gained the strength needed to do this and the faith expected to accomplish it.

I still remain ever thankful and loyal to those who have supported me, followed my journey, encouraged me, made me there inspiration, there hero, there friend. What it has done for me is beyond any words I can find. But you know I am going to try and find them because I owe it all to you to hear.

You all have made me stronger, empowered, heroic, inspirational, spiritually stronger,a better friend, a better mother, a better person. Everytime I receive a message from you or a comment from you my heart soars. I have been placed here for a reason. A reason that I understand to be one of making a difference. Something I have wanted to a very long time.

You have all played a role in my strength and determination. To the ones who have been here from the very beginning.......Jim, my inspiration for it all, Ken, my hero, Enzo, my mentor, my friend, my captain.....Kaz, my dearest and sweetest friend, Peter, my spiritual mentor, Mary, my sister from another mother, my hero, my strength,Ideliza, my sexita mamita, Kristin, my soul twin, Sandra, my best friend, Denise, my best friend. For Bill, Sue, Les, Maria, Belle, Jim, Alan, Shawn, Gabrielle, Gaylund,Darien, Dave, the entire Parkinson's and Alzheimer's community that I am involved with. All the others I have befriended along the way. Everyone of you have my utmost respect and love for all you have been made to endure and all that you continue to do to help find the cures so desperatly needed.

I have layed my gloves down. My training is done. I will spend the next few days connecting with my family and friends, packing, last minute shopping, meditating, praying, getting my house in order. I ask again for your prayers for myself and my teammates as we set out on July 2nd and climb and document our journey to the summit until July 4th. And when I come down I will sign on to Myspace and let you know how we all did.

Thank you from the inner most part of my soul and my heart for being here for me. For allowing me into your lives and hearts. I do this for all of you. I will walk for you, with you. I will make it all about you. I will pray for all of you as I walk and climb towards the summit. As long as God gives me the strength to do this I will endure.

Adios Bendiga
Peace, Love and Light

World Up!
A Trail Called Hope III
Strong Feather aka Eileen

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