Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Weights and machines and that padded floor thing

Six days a week, lifting, stretching, walking, sweating, meditating, preparing. Laundry, kids, carpooling, grocery shopping, cleaning, working. And on the seventh day I rested. Yeah right! But it’s all good and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Had to mention, cut consumption of coffee down to 80%. Before you know it coffee will just be a memory. But oh, what a memory. It has been my pick-me-up, my comfort zone, my go to when there is no where else to go to, my best friend on a rainy day, my survey drink of choice, my writing partner. But hey, who has time anyway to even drink coffee yet alone stress about it. There is just too much to do now. The focus is on the goal, the cause, the outcome. I am pushing myself to the limit and beyond. So I believe I am. I talk about it only when you address me. I keep to myself, but if you approach me and want to talk, I will talk your ear off. I have always been behind the scenes, shy, introverted person. I have come into my own over the last several years. I guess better later then never. I have a voice and I am using it.

I have strong convictions, and desires to make a difference in peoples lives. To open myself up to everyone that needs that hug or that reassuring talk to get them through there day. Training for my climb has changed me. Not a whole lot because I have been an advocate and caregiver for most of my life. Just internally grounded more because of what lies ahead. The strong, strong feelings I get knowing that I am making a difference and the hope for a cure is right there. The group I am involved with. the Regulars, how amazing to have been called up for this. But I was and not a minute in my life I am not thinking about it.

I guess some will view me as slightly cracked for feeling these desires about the whole thing and others will respect me for what I do. I have come to the conclusion it is not for anyone to judge me or why I do the things I do. I am a good mother to my boys and they support me. They push me when I am moving too slow getting out the door to the gym. Hoping one of them will say, "Come on Mom, stay home today and rest". I know my boys are mine when they say, "Get to the gym, you’re climbing a mountain". It sounds kind of funny seeing it in writing but it is what motivates me. I want my boys to look up to me, well, actually my 6’3" son I have to look up to, to emulate me, to be proud of me. They all exhibit strong qualities. I push them to be there best.

I center my life around these boys of mine. I want a world free of disease and for cures to be found for them. I want them not to worry about what my generation has been made to worry about. I want them to see that anybody can step up to the plate. Ok, ok, I know you’re thinking what the hell am I talking about. I can’t save the world. I can’t cure diseases. I can’t even climb a mountain......yet. My point is, strength in numbers yields more positive results. You can do anything in this life if you apply yourself and you move forward with it. We may be a small group of people climbing but the network we build behind us is enormous. "Together is One". Voices heard yield to more peoples ears to become opened and then step up to the plate and find the cures and the correct research and even the theories behind preventing these diseases.

That’s all. I’m doing ok with my training and even my lack of coffee, oh and chocolate. Back to the gym tonight and tomorrow night and the night after that. But like I said before.......It’s all good!!!!!!

World Up!
Eileen - Strong Feather
Mt. Hood - ’08

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