Saturday, March 1, 2008

A hike and a bike

Hi Everyone! This is Cy a.k.a "Master Ill Com" reporting. I am a first year teacher in Philadelphia, PA. I teach inner city high school math, and I am studying at Drexel for my master's degree. As a team member of A Trail Called Hope I, Mont Blanc, I was looking forward to being a part of ATCH II, Cotopaxi and Chimborazo. Unfortunately, the timing did not work for me, and I had to sit on the sidelines....blehh...the worst feeling ever!!

A few weeks ago I sat here feeling very doubtful that I could be a part of A Trail Called Hope III. This coming summer is the summer that I will be cycling cross country, and I was worried that I won't be able to complete both goals if I committed to both. Once again the timing loomed over my head. There's considerable risk of incompletion...what if I need to be back teaching in philly and I'm stuck in Kentucky? I have to be in tip-top shape before getting to climb hills with no problem....cycle 90 miles a day...with 35 pounds of touring gear stacked on the bike...and able to do this on a daily basis! Another issue is being able to finance everything. For the bike ride I am going to need a touring bike, bike racks, panniers to load the gear, ultra light gear, food, maps, and a laptop so I can continue my classes while touring (I'm taking online courses). The climb will add the guiding fees to that.

I actually told Enzo a few times that I won't be able to do it. My mind kept saying, "NO WAY", but I hated the thought that I would miss another climb with my team. For weeks, I kept battling with this thought, but Enzo's "never give up" attitude and Brett's insatiable charm (ladies beware!) is what did it, and I finally realized that I can't miss out on this.

And as soon as I committed to doing both, the most remarkable thing happened. My confusion and uncertainty turned into excitement and enthusiasm. My thoughts on the slim chance of success was completely overturned with anticipation of the greatest summer of my life! I utterly can't wait and, I truly feel that this is exactly what I should be doing.

So this summer, my plan is to complete both. I will be a part of A Trail Called Hope III, and after a succesful climb on Mount Hood, I will complete a cross country bike ride in 49 days.

Here's to making memories, and finding a way to keep them.



The Regulars said...

Nice blog Master,

The quote of the century...
"Here's to making memories, and finding a way to keep them." by Cy

World up,

The Regulars said...

You are awesome. Good luck with both.....I don't know you, yet, but I can tell by your words that you will be making those memories.