Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Eileen - Mean Lean Fighting Machine - Update

Don’t let the title of my Blog mislead you. This I am not......yet. So I thought I would let you all know how my training was coming along for Mt. Hood. I am training six days a week in the gym under the guidance, on occasions, of a personal trainer. Also walking now up to six miles two, three times a week now that the weather is nicer. My cousin, who is my chiropractor, also has a gym attached to his practice that he has given me access to for training. The personal trainer also comes gratis per my cousin. I am very fortunate to have this and I am always thanking him for it. My trainer has already upped and changed my program twice. During the times that I am working on said program I also up weights and reps on my own. Along with my trainer comes two other trainers in the gym who are very inspiring to me to say the least. They push me, stretch me and encourage me. What a great group of peope I have in my camp right now.

Am I sore? Hell yeah. Very sore at times. I just seem to ignore it and keep pushing myself. I have one day off a week from training. I don’t rest, still have a family and a house to keep up. My life is very, very busy but I am loving all of it.

I am getting quite the education through this whole process. It’s amazing how many different exercises you can do for one part of your body. Just for instance, your abs. I have felt pain in all different parts of my stomach that I have never felt before. I train in the martial arts so you would think I wouldn’t be having this problem. And your arms. Triceps, biceps.....pain, pain, pain. Right down to my hands. But hell, you should see my arms and abs right now. Kind of have a four pack going on in my abs and my arms are, let’s just say...strong. But, I am 50 not 20 so I think the slammin body thing I was hoping for may not happen. It’s all good though. Need a "STRONG BODY" and a "STRONG MIND" to reach the top and that is my focus.

As always, I am pushing myself for many. Not just for personal gain. My goal is the summit, my heart’s desire is cures. Our voice needs to be heard. Climbing mountains, walking 60 miles, soft walking for the cure, running, biking, fund raising, your voice, your passion, your drive, your determination. It all counts!!! I walk, I climb, I fundraise, I support because I love all of you and pray for all of you and hope tomorrow brings us word of a breakthrough. Well, today is a new day and it is early and I unexpectadly got a day off so off to the gym I go. NO PAIN......NO GAIN!!!

Peace, Love and light,
Together is One,
Eileen - Strong Feather
The Regulars - Mt. Hood July 2,3,4

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Carol D. O'Dell said...

Thank you so, so much for what you are doing!
My mom had Parkinson's for about 15 years, and then contracted Alzheimer's, so this is dear to my heart.

I am her only daughter (adopted) and cared for her in my home for the last three years of her life. Our family strength and integrity was tested, but I am fortunate to be surrounded with such love--

I saw what "we" were made of. She passed away in our home, and I do not see her illnesses as the antithesis of her life.

Still, these diseases wracked her body and placed such stress and heartache on everyone involved. We need cures and resources to these two diseases, and I so rally your efforts to get the word out there.

I will link your blog to mine and mention you when I give caregiving and Alzheimer's and Parkinson's talks. It will take us all to help spread the word!

~Carol D. O'Dell
Author of Mothering Mother: A Daughter's Humorous and Heartbreaking Memoir
available at Amazon