Sunday, March 9, 2008

Leaving Something Better Behind

Hey guys, it’s Jen.

From Enzo’s network of contacts, we started receiving photos from people all over the country – photos of their loved ones that we will honor in our movie. It has had an effect on me that is very hard for me to articulate.

Before I started this project with The Regulars, I had never personally known anyone battling Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s…. I just wanted to help… I believe that if every person in the world gives an extra hand, even when it doesn’t directly relate to them, we can lift the world to a better place.

Maybe through us telling this story to the person next to us, or with an audience across an ocean, something personal can happen. Just as the photos did, to me. The “30 million people” statistic will no longer just be an indistinct statistic. Maybe it can become something very tangible for others to understand. A specific voice. A specific moment. The courage in a person’s eyes, that will make it more meaningful for more to fight for what’s next. Maybe it will inspire one extra person to apply to med school to research these diseases next year...encourage one extra person to extend an understanding to a stranger…let a caregiver know that he or she is not alone in the fight. That, we’re in this together. And we will see these diseases defeated, together.

We may never fully know how much our efforts will personally reach others in an ongoing ripple effect. But we will know that we did what we could.

God knows, we will leave something better behind.

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The Regulars said...


Well said. We will never know how what we each say or what we do will change the course of the future.
I think that these moments of "touch" are part of the spirit we feel glowing when those who have touched us have moved on.

World up,