Thursday, April 8, 2010

10 Mountains 10 Years Movie Trailer !


It's been a long time coming, but finally the 10 mountains 10 Years movie trailer is out and on the Internet!

The production crew really knocked it out of the park! It was a testament to what a small group of Regular people can do to change the world around them.

I also want to say thank u, thank u, thank u to Leeza Gibbons, Anne Hathaway, "The BOSS" and all the great musicians who wrote music for the film.

As well I'd like to thank my friend Craig Gordon for the poster graphics he created, and don't let me forget the Miracle Sisters & Saint Jen the Boxer for making it all happen and finding the right heart strings to pull!

Check out the link to the video on Youtube.

World up,

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Above the Clouds

Up....until the clouds envelope you inside of them
Catching your breathe, wiping the sweat, nearing the top..

A newness comes over you
Courage, strength redefined
Love grows by leaps and bounds

Yesterday you were high; today you're higher
So high you can reach up and touch the hand that gave you life

Find clarity
Find peace
Redefine it all

Turn and look down for a second and know..... what lies ahead is faith and hope in it all in the journey, the dream, the vision of one

"Together is ONE" is what creates victory, unity, love at the highest of Summits.

Stop for a second and breathe it all in

Cry because it's energizing
Own it.......

World Up!
The Regulars
A Trail Called Hope IV - Mt. Kilimanjaro

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Roof of Africa

The Roof of Africa

There comes a time in your life when really important decisions must be made. Some may be life altering or some may be at the moment; or some just may be life threatening. It is clear in my mind that the decision I made was all of the above. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro has changed who I am, how I think and what I will do from now on. The day we landed in Africa I felt it. The day I stepped foot on the top of Kili I embraced it. My children are the most important to me and my decision on the “Roof” was made because of them. Just 200 feet from the highest point on the roof I had to turn back. I had reached the summit the day we landed in Africa. I knew I would do it. It ran through my body. I felt the feeling inside already. But 200 feet away from Uhuru and I couldn’t go on. My chest was on fire, I could hardly walk or talk, but I kept pushing myself in hopes I could ascend one more time. I was suffering from high altitude sickness. My fingernails were turning purple, my chest was pounding. Heck, goory details need not be discussed. I broke down in tears knowing I would not experience what my other teammates did. I had jobs to do on Uhuru. Da’ Coat for Judy, the bracelet I wore in memory of Bill, Ken’s tshirt from Focus on a Cure. I was letting all of them down. But a flash came before my eyes and it was that of my boys. I had reached my summit. For them I let go of all the feelings going on in my head of letting other’s down.

I cried so hard at this particular moment. I cried because I had done it. I cried because I missed my dear friend Bill. I cried because I didn’t want to leave my two teammates that held me up and kept me warm and encouraged me the entire climb. Jay said I inspired him. Luc thought I was brave and strong to have gone the distance. These two mean the world to me. We followed each others footsteps. We took breaks together. We encouraged one another. I can’t say enough about them. When I had to desend I asked them to do me some favors. One - place the coat on Uhuru; Two - place Ken’s tshirt on Uhuru; Three - leave Bill’s bracelet in his memory on Uhuru; Four - take pictures. In my pack was was the coat and the tshirt. They took my pack and Godsend, the guide who would lead Luc and Jay to Uhuru, took the bracelet off of my wrist. A moment in time that I will cherish. A moment that has changed me.

Luc filmed me at this particular moment. He looked out for me for five days. He was “Cardio” man. My nickname for him. He kept our heart rate in check. We had a good pace each day we climbed. He let me take off at times when my adrenalin kicked in and would be there when I would slow down. I never met Luc before Africa but the minute we shook hands and said hello for the first time an immediate connection was made. Little did I know then that he would be with me all the way. But destiny has its way and who am I to mess with that.

The day Jay told me I inspired him to come on this climb I was really honored by his words. He also told me I kept him focused as we climbed to the roof. A simple statement I made to him to use his pole then take two steps, concentrate on the pole, said got him to the top. How do you get to this point in your life when other’s look up to you? How do you become someone’s inspiration? How do you get someone to focus so they make it to the top of a mountain? I don’t know these answers. I still can’t seem to wrap my head around any of it. But it has changed me. Not the way I look, or dress, just the way I feel inside. I’m not sure it’s something I can explain or even if I did if it would make sense to other’s. All I know is that the journey to find cures has defined me and has driven me to make this a reality. I follow Enzo and my teammates as we seek to end these dreaded diseases. As we fight to be noticed and heard. As we pathe the way for the future to be clear for others. For my children, for everyone’s children. For they are our future.

I still have a lot of work to do for them and hope for a better future for them. They are every reason to keep moving ahead, to keep climbing up to the next summit, to keep seeking answers they have about why cures are not found yet. And for those in my life who fight this fight in any way shape or form everyday. There are more events to plan, more money to raise for all of you.

The Roof of Africa was beautiful. The feeling was surreal. I did it and nobody will take that from me. In everyone’s honor and everyone’s memory I did it. I kissed my mom and dad as I stood above the clouds. I waved to Bill because I just knew and felt his presence there. I said my good-bye’s to Luc and Jay and wished them luck and said that I would see them at camp. Good Luck, my guide, took my hand and we turned around and he led me back down.
A Trail Called Hope Iv - Mt. Kilimanjaro

Another One Down
World Up,
Strong Feather Eileen

And a special thank you to all of my teammates for making this possible for me as you all played a part in getting me to the top. Each one of you inspired me. I will never forget all the moments we shared in Africa. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Enzo Simone - Captain and visionary
Jennifer Yee - Producer of 10 Mountain 10 Years documentary
Jaymes Brevard
Luc Thoelen
Bill Glover
Nadyne Perlin
Lori Pulley Saviers
Eric Buzzetto
Tom Sabourin
Benny Aerts

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

From the Heart.......

I have a little down time right now. All the babies are sleeping and I felt the need to write. I have just 11 days before I leave for Africa. As you all know I belong to the Regulars and we are a group of altruistic individuals who have signed up with Enzo and his project, 10 mountains 10 years, to draw awareness and raise money to help eradicate Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease. With that said.....this is from my heart.......

I have been deeply affected by so many individuals this past year as I have been preparing for Kili. One especially is my dearest and sweetest friend Mary "Cherokee" Rose. She fights the toughest battle I know and still smiles and encourages everyone.My soul sister, the one who pushes me and drives me the hardest. Our dear friend Bill Berndt who lost his battle this past March who will be remembered forever for his kindness and his every chance opportunity to make you laugh. Forever in my heart. Ken Glowienke, a true role model, friend, advocate, loving husband. The day we met Ken it changed my life. I hope you know that. My dearest friend in this fight, Jim Brenner. As I sat the other night at Black Belt Camp and listened to his inspiring speech about making a difference and the ever loving and kind words he spoke about me I want to say you are my reasons I began all of this. I have always said to you for you I climb this mountain and for you I will be the one carrying your spirit with me. That "indomitable" spirit we talk so much of in Tang Soo Do. He epitomizes this in our art. He encourages and inspires everyone he comes in contact with. I was blessed the day we met and for you I continue down any path I can to help you win this battle. Judy, what can I say, I have met another who encourages the heck out of me and has undying faith and confidence that we will win. In10City to the max. I know I could make a long list of people. You all mean the world to me and not a day goes by that I am not thinking of all of you, praying for all of you and pushing the envelope for all of you.

My boys, all of my family, Sandra, Denise, Mark, Ideliza, Kaz, Rob, Mary, Maggie, Sue, Barbara, Charley, Ann, Eileen, Sylvia, Sherry, my teammates. A special thanks to my committee members who have made my fundraiser a reality....Karen, Kathy, Kathryn, Hal, Karen and Glen. Please don't be offended if I didn't mention your name. Know you are all here with me and I will bring you all with me to Africa.

Enzo and Jen.....two of the most important people in my life. Without you my confidence, drive, passion may not have ever reached the heights it is reaching.

There is nothing in life we can not do if we put our minds to it, our sights on it, and our passion and drive into it. "Together is ONE"

Please send out all of your prayers to The Regulars as we head out June 28th to the roof of Africa on our Trail Called Hope IV - Mt. Kilimananjaro.

World Up,
Strong Feather Eileen

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Testing Spot - Driving - Spot

Hey, check this out. I'm just testing this little teacking device called SPOT. We'll be using it on our climb of Kilimanjaro, so you can track where we are each day. The waypoints update themselves every 10 minutes, so you can follow us all the way to the top.

Now we really can do this together!

All we have to do now is hope there is enough Satellite reception & communication to find us while we're there. BTW I know this looks a little jagged but that's because while driving, in 10 minutes I've driven quite a distance. On the mountain it will look like a more fluid line given the fact that we're not covering as much distance each 10 minutes.

World up,

Testing Spot - Driving - Spot

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

In10City - Meeting Judy Good Hensley

In10City - Judy Good Hensley

I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful woman and spending three days with her and her beautiful family. My son David and I flew to Tennessee to meet Judy Good Hensley. She has Young Onset Parkinson's Disease. She also has the infamous "Da' Coat". When we arrived in the airport she called me and said she was in the observatory deck. My son and I exited our plane and looked up at the deck and low and behold there was Judy waving to us. David at first didn’t see her until I said look for the coat. Oh yeah! When we strolled into the baggage, Judy jumped out literally to greet us and snap our picture. I like this girl. This would be the first of hundreds of pictures the two of us would take. I want to jump ahead here to Sunday night. Judy and I sat for many hours late Sunday sharing, reading each others stories, crying, learning about one another. Being with her for three days I observed this remarkable lady. Moving through her day with Parkinson’s. Never afraid to do anything. Plowing through it all. All the while doting on me and David. She always made us feel at home with her husband and daughter. Planning our days, getting us there. I was exhausted at the end of each day. But the one thing that stands out in my mind is the love she has for everyone and everything. Right down to the tiniest butterfly she tried to capture through the lens of her camera. Her beauty for life pours over into her beautiful daughter Carol, who at only sixteen years old, is well beyond her years. Her husband Bill with his loving support and endless stories that I enjoyed immensely of his faith, his beliefs, his cross country biking. What a wonderful package these three are. They each are the glue that holds each other together.

Judy shared her disease with me. From the day she was diagnosed to the progression, the medications, explaining the medications, the procedures, the adjustments, dyskenisia, tremors. Her faith, her taking care and worrying about her mother. Her darker moments but then her moments of awakening because of the strength she has. How can you not be inspired? She wanted to know about me, my reasons for joining the Regulars, my mom, my boys, karate, my writing. I shared with her the chapter about my mom. She cried. This by far is the chapter in my life that defines me. She learned a lot about me and who I am today based on this. She understood the meaning of my nickname “Strong Feather”.

Intensity: Extreme degree of strength, force, energy, or feeling.
Judy Hensley should be under this word.
In10City: Her “E” name as the newest member of The Regulars.

It fit’s the woman who leads by example, who pushes up mountains of challenges, who never stops believing in herself and most importantly others. She is truly an inspiration on so many levels. To have been given the opportunity to meet her and speak at one of her support meetings is something I will never forget. I met wonderful people who are part of her life on this trip. A special thanks to Mayor Jane Myron and to Peggy Willocks for the kind words they spoke about me at the meeting. For allowing me to speak and to say they are the ones who inspire and I am the one who wants all of there hopes and dreams of finding a cure to come true. It was very a very surreal moment to be the one honored. I applaud everyone who deals with Parkinson’s Disease on an hour by hour basis. Who pushes others to become involved. Who creates foundations, websites for support, teams, fundraisers. I bring home with me a better understanding, a profound drive to support more and to draw more awareness. And of course a new friend, Judy Good Hensley. We stand “Together as ONE”. Oh yeah! I now have “Da Coat” and to the roof of Africa it’s going……..

World Up,
Strong Feather Eileen