Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Above the Clouds

Up....until the clouds envelope you inside of them
Catching your breathe, wiping the sweat, nearing the top..

A newness comes over you
Courage, strength redefined
Love grows by leaps and bounds

Yesterday you were high; today you're higher
So high you can reach up and touch the hand that gave you life

Find clarity
Find peace
Redefine it all

Turn and look down for a second and know..... what lies ahead is faith and hope in it all in the journey, the dream, the vision of one

"Together is ONE" is what creates victory, unity, love at the highest of Summits.

Stop for a second and breathe it all in

Cry because it's energizing
Own it.......

World Up!
The Regulars
A Trail Called Hope IV - Mt. Kilimanjaro


julieann said...

WOW! im just stunned- Your words envock so much encouragment & are so powerful! I want to wish you the best of luck & much success!!! Stay safe & be well!

Victoria said...

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