Monday, June 8, 2009

Well now isn't this turning out to be a strange yet cool day on the internet. Here's another quick 2 links for you.

"The Regulars" 10 mountains - 10 Years (A Quest for the Cure) project is also in the brand new Team Fox Magazine right next to Ryan Reynolds. And as it that wasn't enough excitement in one magaxine...our new Team Tom Saborin is quoted in there too from his days as a marathon runner for Team Fox. (You can find Tom right here on my Facebook Friends list). Stop by & say hi to him.

Here's the link to the magazine in PDF format:

Also, here's a link to the Team Fox video with "the Regs":

Team Fox is absolutley for anyone and everyone who wants to do whatever they can to raise awareness and funds for Parkinson's Disease research. Contact them and form your own Team Fox Team Event.

World up,

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