Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Coat to Go International and Up A Mountain

This note is from Judy Good Hensley who will be handing me off Da' Coat when I go to visit here this month as I represent The Regulars in Tennessee. You can read more about Judy and her friend Sherri Woodbridge on
Truly amazing!!!


The Coat to Go International and Up A Mountain

Recently, I was reading about an incredible group of people called the Regulars who are climbing a mountain a year for 10 year to help raise awareness and funds for cures for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. I contacted one of the people on facebook who will be participating this year as the group climbs Mt. Kilimangaro in Africa in early July. And it didn’t take me long to ask my new mountain climbing facebook friend, Strong Feather (Eileen Colon) if she would do me the favor of carrying a piece of the coat along with an orange string and a Parkinson’s symbol pin with her up the mountain and take a picture with these items on the mountain with her. Upon hearing about ‘da coat, she asked how much it weighed and then told me to my great surprise that she wanted to take the coat with her if possible!!! So ‘da coat is going international. I mean, since I’ve been diagnosed with PD, I’ve been to several new places but none international (not yet, anyway) and ‘da coat is getting some travel time. It is my hope that ‘da coat is a symbol of how life with a chronic illness can still be a life that provides nuggets of happiness, in many different times, places, things, and people!

Judy Good Hensley

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