Monday, February 9, 2009

The Unexpected

I am continually learning as I go along that so many unexpected things continue to happen. So many good things and so many inspiring things. I have faith in everyone because I have come so far in the last three years and it is in thanks to the strong group of family and friends that I have. Enzo has penned "Together Is One" and it has become one of the strongest statements made. The more people I meet along the way, the more people that are inspired by the group, allows for "Together Is One" to resonate.

We have been linked to many groups. We all share one common bond and that is to find cures.

I add this link to direct you over to a website that has placed us there to draw awareness to what we are doing. I have also had the pleasure of becoming friends with Judy Hensley who has asked me to do something for her while I climb up Kilimanjaro. Her words to me were so kind and so humbling. I never view myself as the one making anything happening here. I view myself as being handed a huge opportunity to help make a difference. And collectively with the group "The Regulars" I am able to do that.

Judy has a multicolored coat she purchased that she references to being like the ever changing progression of her Parkinson's Disease. It is viewed as different as she feels Parkinson's patients are when in the public eye. The coat has traveled to many events and has been worn by many an individual to display its uniqueness. Now she wants me to wear it at the top of Kili. With honor I will do this and with pride for the community of individuals I fight for. We will autograph the coat for her too and when I return home I will send it back to her. She is giving me a piece of the coat also that I will pin either on my hat or my pack so I have a remembrance of her coat.

I am forever blinking my eyes, shaking my head, and thanking God for it all. I could never have come this far without all of you. And you all know who you are. I never underestimate anyone or anything. Instead I look ahead and not back because I know good things are on the horizon for every one of us.

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Strong Feather aka Eileen

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